“TheCeļotājs” –
"Karosta" Former Soviet Union Naval Base
Soviet Union Naval Battery Warehouse 
Lat: N56.56420, Lat: E021.02448,
WARNING Notice: This Building Formerly held and stored “Corrosive Lead Acid Batteries”
with residue remnants still on floors and walls.
Laboratorijas iela 17/21,
Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
Located off Laboratorijas iela and at the end of is road and on the right side of this road, is the remnant of the Soviet Union Naval Battery Warehouse.
One has to remember that this building once housed “Corrosive Lead Acid Batteries” so when exploring the area and the interior of the building watch what you touch and were you walk.
As one drives down the road that leads to the warehouse, you pass through what once was the gate with the guardhouse on the right that is now burned out. Passing through the gate and driving to end of the road you will see a single story white building with two overhead doors that were used to load and unload the batteries. The door on left leads to a small room while the one on the right leads to a much larger room and other room in the rear. Was one walks through this room, one can see remnants of what is battery remnants on the floor and wall. With what is left of signs and numbers painted on the walls. As one walks through the building, to its rear area, one can see where the building has been stripped of anything of value and of used. The plaster and paint is fall off the walls, bricks are coming lose in many different places while some of the interior walls have fallen over. As one comes to its rear area there are rooms where offices and battery repair stations were. One has to wander why this warehouse was so far from the main Naval Port Base and standing alone. But this was Soviet Union doctrine during that time.
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