“TheCeļotājs” –
"Karosta" Former Soviet Union Naval Base
Soviet Union Naval Base in General
Lat: N56.55040, Lon: E021.01732,
Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
Located through out Karosta Naval Base, we can see remnants of many abandoned Soviet Union era buildings. As one walks around Karosta Naval Base, you can see many Soviet Union era precast prefab
concrete Apartment Building Complexes. Some of these apartments building have been renovated while others are in a rundown condition. These apartment buildings are of the typical Soviet Union construction. The outside walls are made of precast concrete blocks with 1.5 cm ceramic tiles covering the concrete blocks walls. A standard apartment building has 5 stories or floors while there are some are 4 stories or floors with no elevators in any of them, only stairways. There are even 2 story apartments located through the naval port. Most of these have already been renovated.
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