“TheCeļotājs” –
"Karosta" Former Soviet Union Naval Base
Soviet Union Naval Barracks
Lot: N56.54983, Lon: E021.03154,
WARNING Notice: This building is now behind an enclosed chain
link fenced area and located on private property SIA Cemex Latvia. 
Zemgales iela 2,
Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
Located along Zemgales iela is the remnants of one of the many Soviet Union Naval Barracks that are located through out Karosta Naval Base, as one can see, it has been well stripped of anything  of value or that could be useful to anyone. This red brick building was built during Russian Tsar Nicholas II the last Emperor of Russia time. The state of this building during the first Soviet Union occupation 1940-1941 and during the Nazi Germany occupation 1941-1945 and again the second Soviet Union occupation 1945-1994 is undocumented. One can only see its state and condition of this building today.
Once the Soviet Union military left, the buildings be came pray to scavengers who stripped everything of value or could be either sold or used was removed leaving nothing but a shell. Windows, window frames were removed. Doors and their frames were removed. Plumbing and their fixtures were even removed. The buildings were completely stripped. What couldn’t be removed was destroyed. Even some of the buildings and areas around the buildings became trash dumps. 
Some of these buildings that have been destroyed or have been stripped date back to the Russian Tsar's Nicholas II. When walking around Karosta, one can see what was built during the time of the Tsars and what was built during the Soviet Union occupations. Not only in the construction, construction materials, but the construction of its self. During the time of the Tsars, construction was done with craftsmanship, while during the Soviet Union times, it was mass construction with very little to no craftsmanship in mind! This was not only in construction of buildings, but also manufacturing of equipment.
It seem that they couldn't match or put two ends together smoothly. This will be event as we see other examples of other Soviet Union construction.
This building is also located on SIA Cemex Latvia property. 
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