“TheCeļotājs” –
"Karosta" Former Soviet Union Naval Base
Safety Information for Exploring Old or Abandoned Structures
While you are visiting Liepāja and your excursions include exploring old and abandoned structures one must use great caution when doing so, especially if you are going to explore the interior of these structure. Depending on the structures and the condition it is in, caution should be used before entering the structure. For there and likely will be trash or materials from the structure laying on the floor.
Again depending on the structure and nature of the structure or what it was used for there could be other hazards around and laying on the floor. If it is a former military structure, there could be hazards materials residue on the floors and walls. These could be boards laying on the floor with rusty nails protruding from them, there could have even had radioactive materials stored in them in the past there could even have or have had hazardous waste stored with its residue left over's still inside the structure.
Another thing to remember when exploring the interior of these structures is to wear proper foot wear. Shoes with thick soles are recommended and definitely not tennis shoes. Remember you are exploring old and abandoned structures and not taking a walk along the beach. Some of these former military structures or the areas around them, you may come across unexploded ordnances or shells. If you come across one, "DO NOT" pick it up or even handle it. For with age, they become unstable and could go off in your hand.
This is another reason if you are going to explore any old or abandoned structure it is "Highly Recommended"  that you have a local guide with you while exploring these structures, for they are familiar with the structures and the area surrounding the structures and their hazards.
While exploring old abandoned structures or former military sites, you may come across one of these Hazardous Warning Signs or Symbols. If you should come across one of these signs or symbols you should take heed of their warning. These are only a few of the Hazardous Warning Sign that can be found in Latvia.  
Beside all this, these structures and areas are well worth exploring, for they are a part of our history.
Have a safe excursion!
Revised: 12/29/2012 – 19:19:40