“TheCeļotājs” –
"Karosta" Former Soviet Union Naval Base
Monument to Soviet Union Submarine Sailors Lost at Sea
Lat: N56.54943, Lon: E021.03180, 
WARNING Notice: This monument is now behind an enclosed chain link fence and located on
private property of SIA Cemex Latvia.
Zemgales iela 2,
Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
Located at the southeast corner of the remnants of the Soviet Union Naval Barracks you can see the monument dedicated to Soviet Union Submarine Sailors lost at sea during World War II. This monument too is behind the enclosed chain link fence of SIA Cemex Latvia. One use to be able to get to it, by walking along the outside of the chain link fence, but it too has been completely closed off. As time goes on, this monument too will end up and probably be destroyed and lost for ever.
It is very sad that companies and people put themselves and their profits ahead of other people that they block off or just destroy monuments that are dedicated to those who have given their lives in
serving their country. It doesn’t matter what country they came form or served or who they were, they died doing their duty. 
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