“TheCeļotājs” –
"Karosta" Former Soviet Union Naval Base
Map of Karosta Soviet Union Naval Base
Key to – Map of Karosta Soviet Union Naval Base
01. Karosta Former Soviet Union Naval Base –
Center of Naval Base, Lat: N56.55057, Lon: E021.01884
02. Karosta Canal and former Soviet Union Naval Base,
Lat: N56.54580, Lon: E021.00465,
Oskara Kalpaka iela 125, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
02a. Entrance to Karosta Canal
02b. Kalpak's Bridge crossing Karosta Canal
02c. Concrete Sea Barriers 
02d. Petroleum Storage Tanks
02e. Karosta Canal Small Dry Dock
02f. Karosta Inter Dry Dock and Ship Repair Yard
02g. Small Ship Repair Yard
02h. Submarine Covered Dock 
02i. Ship Moorings
02j. Ship Docks
02k.Inter Breakwaters
02l. Coast Line
03. Soviet Union Submarine Battery Wall,
Lat: N56.54939, Lon: E021.03120,
Zemgales iela 2, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
04. Monument to Soviet Submarine Sailors,
Lat: N56.54943, Lon: E021.03180,
Zemgales iela 2, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
05. Soviet Union Naval Barracks,
Lot: N56.54983, Lon: E021.03154,
Zemgales iela 2, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
06. Soviet Union Sergeants’ Mess,
Lat: 56.5435529, Lon: 21.0319070,
Turaidas iela 26/28, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
07. Guardhouse "Karosta Naval Port Prisons"
Now the Naval Port Prison Museum –
Lat: N56.54642, Lon: E021.02103,
Invalīdu iela 4, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
08. Soviet Union Naval Base in General,
Lat: N56.55040, Lon: E021.01732,
Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
09. Soviet Union Defense Bunkers at entrance to Karosta Canal,
Lat: 56.5474255, Lon: 20.9996593,
Atmodas bulvāris 1A, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
10. Soviet Union Coastal Defenses –
Area leading to the Northern Breakwater 
Lat: N56.55679, Lon: E021.00575,
Ložmetējnieku iela 14, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
11. Karosta Northern Breakwater
Lat: N56.55553, Lon: E020.98465, 
Katedrāles iela 7/13, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
12. Soviet Union Naval Battery Warehouse,
Lat: N56.56420, Lat: E021.02448,
Laboratorijas iela 17/21, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
13. Soviet Union Coastal Missile Defenses Remains –
Located among Battery No 1,
Lat: N56.58992, Lon: E021.01394,
Jātnieku iela 19, Liepāja, Latvia
14. Navy Officers’ Conventions –
The Complex of Buildings of Navy Officers’ Conventions, 
Lat: N56.55188, Lon: E021.00506, 
Atmodas bulvāris 9, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
15. Saint Nicholas Maritime Orthodox Cathedral
Lat: N56.55286, Lon: E021.01233,
Studentu rotas iela 7, Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
Navy Officers’ Conventions –
WARNING: This building and its complex of buildings is now located inside a fenced in and restricted area and is no longer accessible to the general public. Even photographing it from the street side of the fence line area is STRICYLY PROHIBITED by Order of The Latvian Self-Defense Military. 
Soviet Union Submarine Battery Wall, Monument to Soviet Union Submarine Sailors, Soviet
Union Naval Barracks and Soviet Union Sergeants’ Mess,
NOTICE: This area its monument and buildings are now behind an enclosed fenced in area and located on the private property of SIA Cemex Latvia.
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