“TheCeļotājs” –
"Karosta" Former Soviet Union Naval Base
Karosta Canal and former Soviet Union Naval Base –
From Charter Boat
Lat: N56.54580, Lon: E021.00465,
Oskara Kalpaka iela 125,
Liepāja, Karosta, Latvia
This is a view of Karosta Canal and the former Soviet Union Naval Base from a Charter Boat as seen today. The areas along most of the canal have been commercialized and fenced off today with areas that once had buildings have either been destroyed became pray to scavengers who stripped everything of value or could be either sold or used was removed leaving nothing but a shell. Windows, window frames were removed. Doors and their frames were removed. The plumbing and their fixtures were even removed. Even the wiring has been removed to either be reused or just sold for scrap. The buildings were completely stripped. What couldn’t be removed was destroyed. Even some of the buildings and the areas around the buildings became trash dumps or were just torn down and the area now set vacant. Some of these buildings that have been destroyed or have been stripped date back to the Russian Tsar's Nicholas II. When walking around Karosta, one can see what was built during the time of the Tsars and what was built during the Soviet Union occupations. Not only in the construction, construction materials, but the construction of its self. During the time of the Tsars, construction was done with  craftsmanship, while during the Soviet Union time, it was mass construction with very little craftsmanship in mind!
Entrance to Karosta Canal
Kalpak's Bridge crossing Karosta Canal
Concrete Sea Barriers
Petroleum Storage Tanks
Karosta Canal Small Dry Dock
Karosta Inter Dry Dock and Ship Repair Yard
Small Ship Repair Yard
Submarine Covered Dock
Ship Moorings
Ship Docks
Once was the former Soviet Union Sergeants’ Mess
Soviet Union Defense Bunker at entrance to Karosta Canal 
Inter Breakwaters
Karosta Coast Line and Sea Ports today
Secretly Shed –   
Russian Submarine Fleet Secrets
Tours of the Port of Liepaja
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